chapter  10
Developments in Binary Integration
WithGraham V. Weinberg
Pages 28

Binary integration is a process which enables the results of several univariate detection schemes to be combined so that an overall detection decision can be realised with increased information. Integration is a common method used to enhance detection performance, and an example of what is known as classical non-coherent integrators is discussed in Appendix D. When binary integration is coupled with a radar detection process, the result can be a significant improvement in detection performance. Additionally, if the underlying decision process is constant false alarm rate (CFAR) with respect to a given clutter model parameter, then this feature is preserved in the binary integration process. Analysis of a binary integration scheme with interfering targets requires some careful considerations regarding the way in which such targets appear in the process. Interference was studied and it was shown that binary integration with an OSCFAR as basis detector could manage such spurious targets very well.