chapter  1
WithVaishali V. Shahare
Pages 18

The most common techniques used in analytical chemistry are the titrimetry, gravimetric, electrometric, spectrometry, and chromatography. The latest technique for the analysis of Dioxins/Furans uses classical extraction techniques such as Soxhlet, liquid-liquid extraction, solid-phase extraction, or accelerated solvent extraction. Chlorinated dibenzodioxins and dibenzofurans have been found in all environmental media including water, soil, air, and sediment. In general, these compounds are resistant to abiotic and biotic degradation. Consequently, Dioxin- like compounds released to the atmosphere can travel long distances before they are deposited onto water, soil and vegetation causing a widespread occurrence of such compounds. The WKV Dioxins Removal System from WKV GmbH (Germany) introduced by NKK corporation, Japan removes Dioxins from flue gas along with heavy metals such as mercury. The system adopts activated carbon base adsorbent packed in a specially designed adsorber to remove Dioxins and heavy metals from flue gas.