chapter  12
16 Pages

Accelerators for Big Data Genome Sequencing

WithHaijie Fang, Chao Wang, Shiming Lei, Lei Gong, Xi Li, Aili Wang, Xuehai Zhou

The distributed system is suitable for the large-scale data processing of tasks scattered from the characteristics of the distributed system and the gene sequencing. With the increase of the system scale, the number of computers can reach a high scale, which also makes the management and maintenance of a distributed system more difficult. The concept of the cloud is also derived from a distributed system. A graphics processing unit (GPU) is an integrated processor that handles images. Initially, the GPU helps the Central Processing Unit (CPU) improve image performance by rendering the screen to meet the needs of increasingly sophisticated quality. Through the development of GPU, we can see that the custom hardware circuit has a good effect on accelerating calculation. Gene sequencing is a combination of bioinformatics, computer science, statistics, and other disciplines. It is a hot direction of contemporary research and is important for research on human behavior mechanisms, to help humans understand themselves more deeply.