chapter  14
16 Pages

The Role of Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Mobile Technologies in the Development of IoT Ecosystems

WithJanusz Wielki

The goal of this chapter is identifying the role of three technologies (Big Data, cloud computing, and mobile technologies) in a process of creation solutions based on the Internet of Things (IoT) concept. It consists of four parts. The first one is focused on defining the IoT notion and identification, the most important factors stimulating development of IoT. In the following part, the most important opportunities and possibilities related to the use of IoT by enterprises are analyzed. The third part of the chapter is focused on IoT ecosystem and its most important components. The fourth part is the key one. It is devoted to the analysis of the role and relationships between advanced Big-Data business analytics, cloud-based solutions, and mobile technologies in the context of creating the architecture and operations of the IoT.