chapter  2
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How Storyboard Took Over the Movies (and Television)

Live-action films are now routinely storyboarded after scripts are written and before footage is shot, but live-action boards differ dramatically from animation storyboards. Not all animation is based on caricature or cartoon. Some animated films may have a realistic design and acting style containing fantastic action and movement across landscapes that are impossible to film in live-action. Hybrid Animation, where animated characters appear in live-action movies, is handled a bit differently than other animation boards. Comic and graphic novel artists have complete freedom to design the shapes of the frames and panels on the page. Storyboards are closer to cinema than to graphic novels. Television storyboards will contain copious notes indicating the need for reused artwork and animation from earlier scenes or episodes to save time and money. Television series boards are drawn on project-specific templates with notes for the camera moves, the dialogue, and a description of the action.