chapter  Chapter 10
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The Role of the Audiologist in Life Care Planning

ByWilliam D. Mustain, Carolyn Wiles Higdon

This chapter assists the life care planner by providing information related to the roles and responsibilities of the audiologist and provides resources for information, services, and products to assist the hearing impaired. The audiologist is the independent hearing health care professional who provides comprehensive diagnostic and habilitative/rehabilitative services for all areas of auditory, balance, and related disorders. Speech audiometry consists of speech threshold and word recognition or speech discrimination testing. Acoustic immittance measures the mobility of the middle ear system. The middle ear is responsible for taking acoustic energy and transferring it via mechanical energy from the outer ear to the fluids in the inner ear. Otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) are acoustic signals generated by the inner ear of healthy ears in normal-hearing individuals. An auditory evoked response (AER) assessment describes the clinical status of the auditory neural pathway and associated sensory elements, and assists in differential diagnosis and in estimating threshold sensitivity.