chapter  Chapter 14
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Life Care Planning for the Burn Patient

ByRuth B. Rimmer, Kevin N. Foster

Serious burns cause a significant interruption of the patient's life, including physical, social, emotional, and financial stability. While burns can be caused in a variety of ways, the most prevalent cause of burn injuries requiring admission to the hospital are fire/flame, scalds, and chemical, electrical, and radiation burns. Burn injuries are typically classified by etiology, depth of the burn, location of the burn, and the percentage of total body surface area burned (TBSA). The American Burn Association (ABA) classifies burn injuries as mild, moderate, and major. There are a number of common surgical procedures in burn care. Grafting is a surgical procedure that involves the transplantation of skin. Burn patients' nutritional needs are of key importance, and patients are often given enteral feedings with a high caloric content to promote healing. Life care plans for severely burn-injured children can be very complicated. Pediatric patients often need multiple reconstructive surgeries as they grow.