chapter  Chapter 19
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Life Care Planning for the Visually Impaired*

ByRoger O. Weed, Rasheeda Wilkins

Visual impairment and blindness can have devastating effects on an individual, in all aspects of life, including emotionally, socially, and vocationally. This chapter provides basic background information that the life care planner will need to initiate a lifelong plan for visually impaired individuals. Visual impairment may be divided into two main categories: low vision and blindness. The most common causes of visual impairment vary with the age of the individual. Deutsch and Sawyer pointed out that the leading causes for children under the age of five include retrolental fibroplasia, neoplasm, infections, and injuries. The degree of visual loss may vary significantly with the more severe visual impairments leading to the most profound types of functional deficits. Psychological counseling will be crucial for individuals with visual impairment to assist in dealing with the impact of the disability. Durable medical equipment for the visually impaired can be divided into two broad general categories: high-technology and low-technology devices.