chapter  Chapter 21
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Forensic Issues for Life Care Planners

ByRoger O. Weed

This chapter summarizes some of the topics and issues that the life care planner must consider in order to practice in the area of forensic rehabilitation. In a simplistic way, life care plan (LCP) is used to identify needs that can be translated into a budget so that the most important items are given the highest priority. According to Black's Law Dictionary, forensic rehabilitation refers to the practice of rehabilitation principles in legal settings. Often one element of damages is the loss of earnings capacity. In order to provide an expert opinion regarding the loss of potential earnings, the expert must be prepared to provide an assessment of person's earnings capacity. Another domain that some rehabilitation experts address is the loss of pleasures or choices in life, known as hedonic damages. Methods include describing to the jury the client's situation regarding pain, loss of access to the labor market, psychological effects, and other factors to provide the jury with guidelines.