chapter  Chapter 25
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Life Care Planning and the Elder Law Attorney*

ByTerry C. Cox, F. Auston Wortman

This chapter provides a description of and historical overview of the elder law forensic life planning function. It discusses the beneficial collaboration between elder law attorneys who practice life planning and professional life care planners. Elder law, as an identified area of practice concentration, is in its infancy in comparison to bedrock subjects including the law of property, crimes, torts, and contracts. "Elder Law attorneys use a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to help seniors, people with disabilities, and their families in a caring, compassionate way that seeks to preserve dignity for such individuals". According to the board of certification of the National Elder Law Foundation (NELF), an elder law attorney's knowledge must be broad; the attorney must know an assortment of topics, including: health and long-term care planning; public benefits; surrogate decision making; older persons' legal capacity; and the conservation, disposition, and administration of the older person's estate.