chapter  Chapter 26
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Day-in-the-Life Video Production in Life Care Planning

ByJ. Mat Hunt

In the author's opinion, the day-in-the-life video can be one of an attorney's most effective tools to substantiate a client's injury, demonstrate ongoing difficulty, and put a name and a face on a case number. It is a legitimate opportunity to show what must be shown in a way that protects a client's dignity. After a number of years as a news feature reporter, and after a couple of subsequent private sector years in the video business, mostly producing for ad agencies and businesses, the author received his first opportunity to do a day-in-the-life video in 1984. This first client was almost 300 miles away. He was medically unable to travel for court appearances in resulting civil and criminal actions in another state's jurisdiction, due to his spinal injury and the resulting complications. In preparing a day-in-the-life video, the client's best interests are the first priority. The client should never be made an emotional star in an exciting, flashy video.