chapter  Chapter 30
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Life Care Planning Resources

ByAnn Maniha, Leslie L. Watson

One of the main objectives of the research phase of life care planning is to provide accurate and transparent costs and resources for the needs outlined in the life care plan. This chapter outlines some of the resources that will enable life care planners to expand their horizons and base of information. It is important for the life care planner to make sure the appropriate amount of money is included in the plan to care for the individual for the rest of their life. One does not want to include the most expensive pricing found during their research but also not the least expensive; hence the importance of using usual, customary, and reasonable (UCR) costs. Special needs trusts (SNTs) have been in common usage since 1993 and have been used on behalf of individuals with disabilities in litigation since 1978. EncoderPro is an online coding subscription available in several different versions including Standard, Professional, Expert, and Payer.