chapter  Chapter 31
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Medical Equipment Choices and the Role of the Rehab Equipment Specialist in Life Care Planning

ByPaul Amsterdam

The importance of medical equipment in the life care plan has always been a function of the physical impairment of the individual client. In this chapter the author addresses the need for accurate assessments of rehab medical equipment in a life care plan. He discusses the various factors that must be considered in choosing the correct models and types of equipment. Medical equipment is only one area of assistive technology that should be considered for an individual client. The author has reviewed many life care plans for several years. The two most common errors found in the equipment recommendations are omissions and exaggeration of need. The most common instances for omissions occur in the area of wheelchair choice. Many clients require the use of therapeutic seating in the wheelchair. Limits in range of motion, weaknesses or excessive muscle tone, trunk instability, or spinal deformities may all necessitate adding some range of customized seat and back systems.