chapter  Chapter 34
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Credentialing and Other Issues in Life Care Planning

ByDebra E. Berens, Roger O. Weed

Credentialing in support of one's professional work in health care-related fields has exploded with an increasing array of certifications, licenses, educational degrees, and registrations available. Licenses, the most restrictive credential for rehabilitation professions, are issued by government entities and are expected to protect the health and welfare of citizens For purposes of life care planning, no state issues a license for life care planners, but an individual's credential may require licensure, such as physician, nurse, or psychologist. Certification is described as a process by which an organization recognizes an individual for having met certain predetermined professional qualifications. Registration is a term that can refer to someone who is either licensed or simply registered with an organization that represents a particular profession. Registration is closely related to certification and licensure, in that once these forms of credentials are issued, the professional becomes listed by name and other pertinent information among other similarly designated members of a specialty.