chapter  Chapter 36
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Cultural Considerations for Life Care Planning

ByMary Barros-Bailey

Any unit of people in any society or region that share beliefs, lifestyles, ethnicity, or customs in common can be a cultural group. There are some foundational documents and studies that allude to the knowledge of culture in life care planning practice. First, Pomeranz performed a role and function study of life care planners to "help define a profession and provide an empirical basis for establishment of educational standards and certification requirements". Second, there are practice and ethical standards that include the consideration of cultural issues. Acculturation is "the process of adopting the cultural traits and social patterns of another group". MindTools describes the 7 Cs of communication that may be helpful to the life care planner to ensuring expression and reception of information not only with evaluees and caregivers, but also with service providers, care team members, or others involved in the process.