chapter  9
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Dancing with Your Body to the Life You Really Want

WithMargit I. Berman

This chapter is designed to help people see and appreciate their body and their life for what it is: their vehicle for awakening, their resource to draw upon to carry people towards the life they want. When people set out with great courage and willingness and excitement to achieve their dreams and pursue their values, chances are they will not take even one step before a barrier emerges to stop them. Many barriers that people may perceive as external are actually, at least at the time they first stand in their way, internal barriers. With internal barriers, such as thoughts, memories, or visions of the future, efforts to talk back to them, to get rid of them, to be "rational" about them, are like efforts to turn away from the brick wall in their path. They go nowhere, and in the meantime, people are engaged in a fruitless struggle to "feel better" before they can act.