chapter  6
NPS in Emergency Rooms
Dealing With Aggressiveness and Psychomotor Agitation
ByCarla Morganti, Attilio Negri, Laura Cazzaniga, Riccardo C. Gatti, Franca Davanzo
Pages 21

In the sixth chapter, ‘NPS in Emergency Rooms: Dealing With Aggressiveness and Psychomotor Agitation’, Carla Morganti, Laura Cazzaniga, Riccardo Carlo Gatti, Attilio Negri, and Franca Davanzo focus on the challenges faced by clinicians while dealing with NPS in emergency rooms. They present a detailed classification and useful advice on how to deal with agitated or aggressive behaviours due to NPS abuse and also provide guidance on different sedation and clinical examinations and treatment approaches. They also discuss toxicology and clinical management of NPS toxicity.