chapter  1.5
Education and Inspiration across Cultures
WithDaniella Scalice
Pages 5

Astrobiology provides an umbrella, a larger context in which many fundamental science concepts such as gravity and volcanism can be taught. The astrobiology community, as primarily funded by National Aeronautics and Space Administration, has capitalized on the unique value that astrobiology brings to education. Astrobiology investigates the relationship between life and its planet. Astrobiology goes on to explore the dance between planet and life—the co-evolution wherein planet influences life’s evolutionary trajectory; then life innovates, adapts, and influences back. In terms of education then, seeing astrobiology as a cultural expression opens up whole new ways in which learning can be facilitated, beyond using it as an interdisciplinary context in which standardized, discipline-based concepts and skills can be more effectively taught. Within the perspective of astrobiology-as-origins-story representing a relational universe, it stands to reason that our actions have consequences, for which we must take responsibility. Using astrobiology-as-origins-story and the teachings within it in educational environments should be undertaken with even more care.