chapter  2
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A tale of two books

WithDavid J. Galton

A scientist's path to fame and glory is by the originality and importance of books and the articles they publish. In the nineteenth century, it was not so much "publish or perish" as it is now to retain one's research post at the university. However, in the nineteenth century, books and research articles were the main ladder to enter the learned societies to ascend to high social position. The publication in 1859 of Charles Darwin's Origin of Species marked an epoch in Francis Galton's development. It changed his feelings for Darwin from one of boyish hero worship to a state of near reverence. Darwin's book set Galton thinking about the central topic of heredity. He collected the details of many of such families for his book Hereditary Genius. His book came out in 1869, 10 years after the Origin of Species. It made its mark, although it was not nearly as influential as Darwin's book.