chapter  Six
Objectively Scored Assessments
ByGavin T. L. Brown
Pages 22

Objectively scored tests require careful attention to the writing of instructions and options. In addition, tests must be carefully designed to ensure the items provide appropriate coverage of the desired content or curriculum domain. This chapter briefly outlines conventions and rules-of-thumb for creating or evaluating a variety of objectively scored item types. These rules and procedures have been developed to ensure that, when a student gets an item right or wrong, interpretations are legitimate. If there are other explanations for a wrong answer, then any interpretation or decision is likely to be invalid. Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) were developed to overcome the unreliability inherent in judging the quality students' written answers. Another objective format, but which involves a constructed response, requires students to circle, highlight, or underline certain parts of a stimulus material or task that contain answers or key points. There are two major classes of objectively scored assessments i.e., selected response and brief supply.