chapter  10
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Maxiumum Information in Minimum Space

Infographics—as in information graphics—present information graphically. Partner the reporter's nose for sniffing out a good story with the designer's eye for visualizing it, and we have got infographics. First, infographics are not just for journalism—or even business communications. Second, infographics can tell a deeper, broader and evolving story better than text or certainly raw data alone. Infographics went 3D with the invention of video games. With the great Web migration, infographics reinvented themselves as interactive. Infographics also can be drawn from scratch using graphic design software. This might be our only option if we need a highly specialized infographic like a diagram. The methods for generating infographics and the means for collecting data have changed. But so have infographics themselves. While charts and graphs were once largely static visuals printed in hardcopy, it is now possible to create rich multimedia infographics.