chapter  12
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Design for Social Media… But Not Really

Working with Multimedia Assets

This chapter explores how to design the assets used in customizing different types of digital communication. Visit any social media page or website and encounter many different types of media on the same page. A single layout may combine type, image, audio, video and infographics, not to mention forms, polls and even games. Image galleries are common on websites. Some social media platforms are nothing but galleries of user-uploaded imagery. Slideshows have the visual impact of photos with the added bonus of eye-catching movement. Slide programs offer many transition styles. Avoid the kid-in-a-candy-store impulse to use one of each. Audio may seem off-topic in a discussion about visual communication. But audio plays a role in multimedia. Video runs the gamut from carefully orchestrated multiple-camera commercials to homegrown cellphone-recorded clips posted on video-sharing websites. After editing, encoding is the next step in making a video. There are many file formats out there, and choosing the right one takes a little research.