chapter  15
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Now that you Know Enough to be Dangerous, Thanks for Stopping by

If beginner's are starting to annoy coworkers, friends and family with their constant design critiques, then congratulations. They have learned to recognize bad—and good—design when they see it. They also need to know why those conventions work—or don't work—and that mean knowing something about art, design and formal composition. Otherwise, show up for work with an embarrassingly poor visual aesthetic. Even as everything about the media professions from business models to technology is changing, when it comes to graphic design, there really is nothing new under the sun. Advertising and marketing communication folks produce public relations materials. Public relations practitioners produce advertising, marketing and news materials. Try to avoid becoming an overzealous visual snob alienating colleagues and loved ones. Don't be afraid to break the rules with a purpose. Strive always to delight audiences. Treat professional creatives with respect. Don't forget to have some fun.