chapter  3
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I Need to Design This Today

The Works-Every-Time Layout

This chapter introduces the works-every-time layout because it does work every time. Its layout is foolproof and reader-friendly for simple projects such as a single ad or flyer. Even a complex project such as an entire page or screen of news stories ultimately breaks down into individual stories using variations on the works-every-time layout theme. The works-every-time layout works because of the way Westerners read: from left to right and from top to bottom. As readers, we enter a layout in the upper-left corner and exit in the lower-right corner. The six parts of the works-every-time layout—in order—include: These are outer boundaries and margins, columns, visual+optional cutline, headline, copy and tags. Tags is an advertising term referring to all the information typically found at the bottom of an advertisement, such as the logo, themeline or slogan, URL, physical address and map, phone number and sometimes, unfortunately, disclaimer and legalese.