chapter  4
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Layout Sins

13 Amateur Errors

Regarding layout sins, there are a host of them. For us, we have narrowed the list to a baker's dozen of the most conspicuous errors see in amateur work. Amateurs do it because they can! Or because they think it looks neat-o or helps make an important word stand out. In truth, it distorts glyph proportions and obscures original hairline strokes. There are better ways to accentuate type than reversing, stroking, using all caps or underlining. Until spotting these sins in others' work fills you with pity, keep the checklist handy. The checklist are centering everything: in general, avoid centered layouts, warped or naked photos, too many fonts: try to stick to two per layout, bulky borders & boxes, cheated or missing margins, stairstepping: keep headlines in a straight line, 4 corners&clutter, trapped negative space, busy backgrounds, tacky type emphasis, bad bullets, widows & orphans and justified rivers.