chapter  6
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Where to Put Visuals & Type For Impact

This chapter presents some theories and practices graphic designers use for guiding interesting layout tours. A layout is the arrangement of visuals and type in space to compose our design. In some ways, creating a layout is like organizing and leading a tour. A grid is a series of horizontal and vertical lines charting out an area. Think of grids as a framework composed of columns, squares or rectangles. Designing a grid is not rocket science. Remember, the purpose of a grid is to simplify the layout process. Laying out multiple pages, whether print or digital, presents some additional challenges. Three biggies include maintaining unity, making a lot of type inviting and providing navigational signs to keep readers from getting lost. Begin the layout with a grid and an irresistible focal point. Use the focal point to point to, not from, our layout. The Gestalt theories of proximity, similarity, continuity and closure can help with arranging the layout's flow.