chapter  7
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What You Don’T Know Can Hurt You

This chapter explores all about fonts, including styling them for both function and aesthetics. To begin at the beginning, a font is a complete set of characters in a particular size and style of type. This includes the letter set, number set and all of the special characters you get by pressing the shift, option or command/control keys. Learning to recognize and identify font categories is an important first step in selecting the right font for the right job. It's also essential in creating harmonious, not discordant, font pairings. Fonts have a complex anatomy, and the names of some font parts are known only to font designers and true type enthusiasts. Choose font sizes for headings, cutlines and other nonbody uses based on both readability and contrast. Main headers and subheads also provide a great way to break up blocks of text. When styled for contrast, headings and subheads create a sort of navigational rhythm throughout the design.