chapter  1
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Responsibilities and Opportunities

ByHarold Rosenbaum

There are a wide variety of roles and situations a choral conductor might take and find him/herself in. In addition to running rehearsals and conducting concerts, there will be other responsibilities, the scope of which depends on what his/her employer and/or board of directors wish him/her to do, plus what he/she, as a caring leader, wish to do whether employed by a choral organization or running his/her own. For conductors who create their own not-for-profit corporation, additional responsibilities abound. It is astounding how many fabulous youth choir organizations there are in the world. How lucky these children are to have opportunities to give concerts on their own, in addition to joining forces with adult choirs, orchestras, and opera companies, and to perform great works by Bach, Mozart, Britten, Puccini, Honegger, and countless other composers. The centuries-old tradition of men and boys choirs has almost been associated with churches and their affiliated schools, as well as independent boarding schools.