chapter  13
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The Concert Experience

Directing and Savoring
ByHarold Rosenbaum

The vast majority of performers, burdened with a certain amount of nervous energy on the stage, still prefer the experience of transmitting composers' messages through themselves and to the eager audience. Whether conductors take the greater risks or not, the concert experience is the apex of months of rehearsing and preparing, and should be enjoyed and savored fully. Conductors must be alert, spontaneous, and quick to respond to anything that unexpectedly takes place, all the while keeping their arms moving in a fashion that lets the audience enjoy the music without experiencing their concerns and anxieties. When conductors are entirely confident about their technique, they can create magic. If singers are aware of conductor's assurance and abilities, and know the music well enough to focus their attention a great deal on conductor, special moments can replace average ones. These can lead singers into a higher level of consciousness and musical awareness.