chapter  17
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The World of Professional Choristers

An Inside Look at The New York Virtuoso Singers
ByHarold Rosenbaum

In lieu of a discussion about running professional choirs, in this chapter, the author focuses on his unique experiences with himself, including the nature of rehearsal interactions, the process of preparing for concerts, unique traits of professionals, what he have learned from and about the singers, and what he have brought to the equation. Although there are hundreds of extraordinary volunteer choirs throughout the world, what top professional choirs offer is a highly burnished sound, with exquisite detail and minutiae that makes their performances rise above all others. Professional singers prefer rehearsing and performing with music stands rather than holding their music. There is virtually always someone who knows the pronunciation of any word in French, Latin, Italian, German, Old French, Old English, and even other languages, when seen for the first time in rehearsals. If all are stumped, someone will invariably find it within about ten seconds on his/her smartphone.