chapter  2
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Recruiting, Auditioning, and Assessing

ByHarold Rosenbaum

This chapter focuses mainly on recruitment into community choirs. Audition and assessing processes, however, are relevant to all types of ensembles. Recruiting is both easier and more difficult than in the past because of the internet. There are websites in the New York region that list and post comprehensive information about local choirs. Gone are the days when recruitment relied mostly on word of mouth and posting fliers in store windows, on community bulletin boards, in bus stops, and the like. Most choirs hold auditions during which a certain level of proficiency is sought and must be demonstrated. The situation in universities is like that of high schools, with the exception that many of them sport almost professional-level groups for which there are highly rigorous audition requirements. With certain types of ensembles like community choirs, it is important to periodically checksingers to see if they have maintained the standards that they met when they first auditioned.