chapter  5
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Acquiring a Solid Conducting Technique With No Wasted Motion

ByHarold Rosenbaum

This chapter focuses on exaggerated, inconsistent, distorted, and confusing motions that conductors often make that are both unnecessary and detrimental, plus the solutions to these problems. Correcting or averting them will make their singers more relaxed, confident, and able to follow them better, give them more confidence and preserve their energy, and allow them to have more control of any situation that might arise, from spontaneous shaping to correcting and preventing errors. Perfect technique contains no wasted motion—no unnecessary or enlarged beats and no excessive hand, arm, and body movements. Wasted motion from conductors will make it more difficult for their singers when they work with other conductors who utilize smaller, more concise, and more standard motions. To evade wasted motion and energy, if the tempo is fast and choir enters on the downbeat, avoid giving a full measure, that is, three gestures, since two will suffice.