chapter  6
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Arranging Your Singers and Placing Your Choir
ByHarold Rosenbaum

Regardless of how extraordinary choir is, or how beautiful the repertoire, if singers are not placed thoughtfully within the choir formation in both the rehearsals and the performance, the best results may not be achieved. Therefore, during the audition process, getting to know choir members' strengths and weaknesses, their vocal ranges, and their dynamic capabilities is essential. Seating charts should be created and adhered to for rehearsals and performances. Most choirs have confident singers who will lead, and less certain ones who will follow. Standing in mixed formation prevents spontaneity in performance, since conductor will be less inclined to attempt ideas that have not been worked out in rehearsal. The stronger ones should be placed where they will benefit as many other choir members as possible. Adjusting to each situation, each rehearsal and performance space, the demands of the music, and the competence of the choir, are all necessary to get the most out of the performance.