chapter  7
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Running Rehearsals

ByHarold Rosenbaum

This chapter focuses on where the work is done, where the seeds are planted, and where inspiration is delivered: the rehearsals. Morning rehearsals, when the singers have eaten a nourishing breakfast, are best. Evening rehearsals are standard for community and church choirs. That will also be the time to recharge one's battery. Church choir rehearsal schedules are quite varied: only on Sundays before the service, before and after the Sunday morning service, or on a weekday night plus briefly before the Sunday service. Community Choirs rehearsals are usually held in the evening. The maximum rehearsal period should be two and a half hours—in a pinch, two and three-quarter hours. Professional choirs can rehearse for five or six hours in a single day. If the singer perceive problems during the dress rehearsal, they should take brief notes with an erasable writing utensil while conducting, continuing to lead either with the other hand or with body motion.