chapter  6
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Analysis of a Therapeutic Play Group in an Elementary School

ByMortimer Schiffer

In selecting a therapeutic play group for analysis from its inception to termination, it was decided to use a record of a school-based play group. The play group has extraordinary value when used in elementary schools. This chapter focuses on a play group which had 93 meetings during a three year period. The only change occurred when one child was removed for reasons. This constancy in group composition is relatively rare in schools in urban sections where there is much population movement. The elementary school in which the play group met was one with many problems. An excessive number of pupil problems overtaxed the guidance services within the school; other services within the community were limited. Family problems were common for reasons other than economic ones. Many families were not intact because of absence of one parent, usually the father. The chapter highlights the experiences of three of the children—Mitchell, Carl and Gary.