chapter  14
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Mediumship, the Societies for Psychical Research, and Star Guessers

WithDavid E. H. Jones

A medium seems often seems able to make some sort of contact with people now dead, who are often considered to have some sort of continued existence 'on the other side'. In the 1800s, science, and physics in particular, seemed so triumphant that in 1882 the Society for Psychical Research was founded. It aimed to achieve for psychic matters something of what physics had done for material ones. The author of this chapter imagines three ways in which the unconscious mind of a star guesser might outclass one owned by a normal chance- bound human being. The first is simply to have a sensitive unconscious mind, one that is unusually receptive to promptings from the unknown world. The second might be to have a more forthcoming unconscious mind, one which lets more information 'upstairs'. A third might be to have a more honest unconscious mind, one which distorted the data less in its transmission upstairs.