chapter  4
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The Unconscious Mind

WithDavid E. H. Jones

This chapter discusses the structure of the brain implies its main and most mysterious property: it is conscious. Some animals may have unconscious minds: an idea that has been put forward and developed by Trivers. He has suggested that it is inherently deceptive, and holds truths that the conscious mind needs to lie about. Many psychiatrists, and at least one novelist, have speculated that the unconscious mind is much bigger than the conscious mind. One common notion of normal life is that the awareness is dominated by the loud 'chattering monkeys' of the conscious mind. To become aware of the quiet voice of the unconscious mind, one needs to 'still' those chattering monkeys. A very simple way of stilling the monkeys is just by mental relaxation. Trivers has claimed that the unconscious mind developed in higher animals to store those dangerous truths that are best kept from other animals. Unconscious mind is inherently a deceiver.