chapter  8
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Observed Effects of the Unconscious Mind and the Unknown World. 1: Mental Effects

WithDavid E. H. Jones

The unconscious mind is central to current psychiatry, which is at least in part a sort of scientific attempt to study it. The great psychiatrist Sigmund Freud divided the human mind into several divisions. At the top is Freud's 'super-ego', which holds the personal ideals of the subject. Below this is the unconscious mind, in which Freud located his 'id'. Another psychiatric theory involving the unconscious mind is that of 'repressed memory'. Many psychedelic drugs affect the connection between the conscious mind and the unconscious one, and so may offer a clue to one or both minds. Telepathy is the direct transmission of knowledge from one living brain to another. Another related case concerns Samuel Soal, known for his claims that the 'star guesser' Basil Shackleton could guess cards a few seconds into the future. A sequence of card guessing, even with a star guesser, is often inconsistent.