chapter  9
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Observed Effects of the Unconscious Mind and the Unknown World. 2: Mechanical Effects

WithDavid E. H. Jones

The most interesting phenomenon in this chapter is the 'poltergeist'. The word is German and means 'noisy ghost'. A poltergeist does indeed use some sort of 'psychokinetic force', but for effective action it has to express some sort of human desire— possibly an unconscious one. This chapter discusses the mechanical effects, have largely avoided talking about the source of energy used by poltergeists. A physical scientist is aware of the law of conservation of energy. The Toronto group found that their invented ghost, 'Philip', was able to move their table around, but only once did they record a brief levitation. Large psychic forces, equivalent to many newtons and many kilograms of weight, have often been reported. Thus the alleged levitation of some holy people occurs in much old religious literature. Levitation has even been alleged to occur in the modern world. Accordingly, a successful levitation needs continuous control.