Exercises for Building Trust & Awareness
ByThorsten Boehner
Pages 40

Many of the exercises are best carried out in twos and, as mentioned in the introduction, it is advantageous if those who previously have not had much to do with each other are teamed up. These exercises help to develop the individual's awareness of himself and his physical environment as well as, perhaps most importantly, his sensitivity to his fellow players. The exercise would be particularly successful if the whole group managed to synchronise their breathing while leaning on each other. To begin with, the two players have to try building up that emotion inside themselves as much as possible. The players should try to hum using a particular vowel. The game ends only when all of the players have spotted the thimble and are sitting on chairs. Members of the group spread out across the room and close their eyes. The group leader plays some music while the players walk around the room with their hands outstretched.