Closing Exercises
ByThorsten Boehner
Pages 21

Two people of approximately the same body size pair up to give each other a pummel massage. Two group members can massage each other using a brush. Individuals can decide for themselves whether they prefer to lie on their backs or on their stomachs. The players get together in groups of five. One person lies on his stomach and closes his eyes. The others kneel down around that person and begin their 'weather massage'. The players swap roles until eventually every person in the group has had a chance to enjoy a weather massage. This exercise can only be carried out with a small group or a large group, with individual players, because otherwise it will be too time-consuming. A stone can be used for a closing round, as well as an opening round. For this activity, the group sits in a circle again and the group leader passes a stone from hand to hand around the circle of players.