Special Exercises & Tips for Amateur Dramatics Groups
ByThorsten Boehner
Pages 20

The following exercises are particularly suitable for amateur dramatics groups at the start of a production, when the players are beginning to rehearse a particular play. The exercises can be used to explore the play to be rehearsed, and, while working through them, the actors are given the opportunity to study and develop their own parts in detail. Once every member has been assigned their role, it is time to start looking into character biographies - in other words, to research the characters each is going to portray. Pronunciation is an important aspect of dramatics. Each player chooses a sentence which, in his opinion, has a special significance for the character he is playing. Then each actor repeats his sentence using different moods. The group leader and the actors can now observe whether or not the significant personality traits of the characters can be carried over to a different location and a different situation.