chapter  1
Talk of love in the shadowland of despair
ByEmma Engdahl
Pages 28

For the man and woman corresponding with each other, love is about knowing the other, in the more complex meaning of the word. The physical absence is sometimes agonizingly evident, but the words still exist. Thus, the words are given a prominent place in the act of love and the poet is highlighted as being the best suited to express love's deepest meaning. The existential identity can be understood as being born and dying alone, which is not to be confused with whether other people are, or can be, present when we are born and die. Rather, it is related to the fact that when we are born it is our body that is being thrown into the world. The depressive state of love can currently be recognized through the types of symptoms that come with depression, which we rather recently have learned about through the spread of information on how depression is diagnosed within psychology and psychiatry.