chapter  2
The leap of love into the depressive sphere
ByEmma Engdahl
Pages 41

According to Zygmunt Bauman, love has, or at least had, its very own logic. Like death, love is never completely comprehensible. It is something that occurs. In the there and then, love is simply a state of being; a mystery. In more modern psychoanalytical treatment it has been noted that depressed people do not always consider themselves to be wronged or offended, but instead experience that something is seriously wrong with themselves. Love and depression are instead destined to stand side by side in art, science and everyday life, without being connected in one word, or two, as an expression of a uniform phenomenon: love with depression or depressive love. Natural love and natural hatred are considered to originate in sympathy and antipathy in both human and inhuman beings. Poets like Charlotte Smith, John Keats, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge all suffered from melancholy or depression, which was taken as a sign of their sensibility and genius.