chapter  1
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WithJill Christmas

Everyone who works and/or lives with children and young people has a busy life, and any resource that is to be effective needs to be easily referenced. Sensory integration has been one of the Christmas Children's Clinic's frames of reference for children with a range of conditions – including dyspraxia, developmental co-ordination disorders, autistic spectrum challenges and sensory integrative dysfunction. The understanding of sensory integrative issues has had a particularly positive effect for many parents whose children have attended the clinic – and often for older clients with profound sensory motor issues and challenging behaviours. While occupational therapists are not strictly diagnosticians, they can provide a comprehensive assessment of the child, sometimes contributing to a diagnosis and providing follow-up advice in report format with attendant strategies for the child in their daily life as well as within the school setting. Therapy may also be provided to address the highlighted needs of the child.