chapter  2
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Dyspraxia: an overview

WithJill Christmas

Dyspraxia is commonly used to cover an extensive range of coordination disorders. Technically, the term 'developmental co-ordination disorder' (DCD) is the overarching description, with dyspraxia as one profile in this range of conditions. This chapter purposes the distinction has been drawn between dyspraxia and a DCD, but with the caveat that the two can commonly overlap. Distinguishing between dyspraxia and a DCD may lead to a clearer understanding of an individual child's difficulties and therefore the subsequent intervention and support. Dyspraxia has been perceived as being due to immaturity of the brain processes resulting in poor organisation and it can impact on virtually every area of life. There can be and often is an overlapping profile between dyspraxia and a DCD, and they are often treated as one overarching condition. Nevertheless, dyspraxia and developmental co-ordination disorder have been distinguished.