chapter  1
The first phase
ByPontus Rudberg
Pages 62

This chapter examines the Swedish Jewish responses to the plight of the Jews in Europe from the Nazi seizure of power in 1933 until the November 1938 pogroms. The violent anti-Semitic waves during the spring of 1933 were followed by a relative calm. The Swedish Jews like many others initially believed that Nazi rule was a passing phenomenon and that German civilization would soon come to its senses. The MFST Relief Committee was created in April 1933. The MFST followed the advice of its British co-religionists. James G. MacDonald was assigned by the League of Nations to head The High Commission for Refugees (Jewish and other) Coming from Germany in 1933. The practice of preparing Jewish youths for a future as settlers in Palestine through agricultural education was called hachscharah and had widespread support, not only among Zionists in Germany.