chapter  2
The second phase
From November 1938 to the outbreak of the war
ByPontus Rudberg
Pages 48

This chapter expresses that the MFST and individual Swedish Jews did in fact try to influence the Swedish, British, and American governments to try to save more Jews. Through the Stockholm Central Committee for Refugee Aid it petitioned for the Swedish authorities to make a more generous interpretation of the immigration legislation. In the spring of 1939, the Swedish Jewish communities jointly signed a protest against the British white paper on Palestine. On 22 March, Erich Warburg sent a letter to Olof Lamm that shows that the creation of a refugee camp for Jews was discussed in early 1939. The Jewish Community in Stockholm which may speak for all of Swedish Jewry can assume no financial guarantee for refugees. The Immigration Department of the MFST Relief Committee was created in late autumn 1938 after the authorities had declared their approval of the 150 Jews from Germany being granted permits to enter Sweden to await the moment for their final emigration.