chapter  4
The fourth phase
WithPontus Rudberg
Pages 71

This chapter discusses the news that Jews were being systematically murdered by the Nazis reach Sweden and the MFST. It attempts to evaluate when they appear to have gained this knowledge, it also presents how the representatives of the MFST expressed themselves regarding the ongoing genocide. The immediate result of the shift in German policy for Jewish aid activities in Sweden was that the arrivals of Jewish refugees ceased. The Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs received reports that Jews from Germany and the Netherlands had been deported to Poland throughout the autumn of 1941. In March 1943, the leaders of the four largest Jewish communities in Sweden turned to the Jews in Sweden with a joint appeal. In mid-December 1942, the Working Committee for European Jewish Relief sent out its second appeal for donations. During the Continuation War against the Soviet Union, the Finnish population suffered immensely. In November 1942, Finland handed over eight foreign Jews to Nazi Germany.