chapter  Session 2
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Controlling physical feelings of anxiety

When people become anxious the body's normal 'fight or flight' reaction comes into play. This can result in a number of unpleasant feelings: tense muscles, tight chest, headaches, breathing difficulties, trembling, stiff neck, and mouth irritability. These feelings are governed by the automatic nervous system, in combination with stress hormones. Severe tension can best be avoided by not allowing it to become extreme. Using mental devices are really useful and should enable a relaxed state to be achieved within few minutes. The use of regular exercise, playing a sport or taking part in some sort of leisure activity can assist in this. Physical exercise helps drain away tensions that are building. Healthy, relaxed people breathe unconsciously. If panic is imminent and the person feels unable to take control of their breathing pattern, a paper bag can be used to offset the effect of too much oxygen. Short relaxation using imagination is to achieve a state of relaxation within few minutes.